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Meet our Move-in Coordinator

As the new Move-in Coordinator for Vi at Highlands Ranch, Laurie MacLeod gets to meet future residents of the community, and find out a little about them, their style and how they came to choose Vi as their new home. She assists prospective residents in deciding what furniture makes the most sense in their new apartment or cottage at the community, and aids in coordinating moving and relocation services. After four years at Vi, this is a brand new role for MacLeod, and she’s excited to make the role truly hers. Here, we sit down with her to find out more about her, her time at Vi, and what her role entails.   

Tell us a little about yourself and how you ended up in the Denver metro area?
I’m originally from Greensburg, Pennsylvania, and I moved to Los Angeles in my early 20s for a job. After the arrival of my first son, my husband and I relocated to Colorado so I could stay home with my son. That said, I’ve always wanted to live in Colorado; I love the mountains and really enjoy skiing, hiking, and golfing. 

I have a Technical Certification in Web Design, and have extensive software training experience. I have held roles ranging from being an office manager in an elementary school, to an operations auditor for Sports Authority. 

How long have you worked at Vi and in what roles?
I started working at VI four years ago as a temporary bartender. Working in that role helped me to get to know the residents and I came to love them and the beautiful community here. From there, I knew that I wanted to find a full-time position at Vi that would enable me to continue working here. 

A year later I was promoted to Sales Assistant where I worked with the Sales team. Then, when I learned of the Move-In Coordinator position, I knew it was a role that would suit me. 

What are you most excited about with your new Move-in Coordinator role?
The best part of being the Move-In Coordinator is helping the new residents make a smooth transition to Vi, as well as assisting in finding them a new apartment home within the community should their circumstances change. 

Just the other day, I showed an apartment to a resident who wanted to downsize as her husband recently passed away. She was so thrilled with the new apartment, and with the opportunity to be able to move within the community that she cried. Hearing their personal stories and having the opportunity to enrich the lives of our residents makes my day!

What have you found are the top questions prospective Vi residents have for you?
The top questions I hear from potential residents include trying to decide what to bring to their new home at Vi, and how to choose what to eliminate. Additionally, future residents also look to me for assistance in how to sell furniture or other items that don’t make the cut to bring to their new home at Vi. In my role, I can help them find the assistance they need to sell items, as well as determine what important items to bring to their new home at Vi. 

What is the biggest hurdle for new residents prior to moving to Vi?
The biggest hurdle is definitely downsizing. However, at this point in their life, we focus on rightsizing for their new home at Vi. 

With the resources that I have as Move-In Coordinator along with utilizing our partnership with Moving Station, a service with extensive experience in downsizing, assisting with estate sales, donation sites, etc., we can help to alleviate a lot of the stress of moving .

What’s the most interesting part of your job as Move-In Coordinator?
It is gratifying to assist with the relocation process, whether it be providing space planning or discussing improvements, or renovations to their new apartment or cottage. It’s also gratifying to know that I am helping them transition to a new chapter in their life. Anything that I can do to make the move easier, gives me great satisfaction!

Why makes Vi at Highlands Ranch unique?
Our community is in a beautiful setting with great views of the Rocky Mountains, and in particular our view of Mt. Evans, is spectacular! Also, many of our residents are outdoor enthusiasts and that makes this is an excellent location for them since there’s access to so many opportunities in the Denver-metro area. 

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